Back in 2015 we were really pleased to be part of a successful pitch alongside Jaywing for the Electricity North West account. The challenge was to help ENW educate the people of the North West on who looks after their power network and who to ring in the event of a power cut. Using a mixture of radio, outdoor and digital we were able to deliver a successful campaign and effectively communicate that message to a relevant audience.

Forward on a year and we’re delighted to be working with them again on their 2016 Winter campaign. This year the focus was to win over the hearts and minds of ENW customers, building on the awareness generated from the previous campaign, whilst maintaining the trust and credibility ENW have developed. Due to the previous success of the 2015 campaign we focused on the same mix of media, but took a fresh new approach as to how we could utilise and develop on those channels. Cue a fantastic opportunity to present an Alchemy First – Twinkly LED Bus panels! The synergy between the brand and the format was ideal, playing on the idea that ENW are keeping the lights on across the region. They would provide ENW with fantastic impact and stand out in Manchester, with a rarely used format across the dark winter period. Luckily the client agreed and could see our vision, giving Alchemy their very first Twinkly Bus campaign booking!

We’ve supported the “Twinklies” with some additional bus activity across the wider region, a radio promotion which gave listeners the opportunity to reward a local community organisation that “powers” the community with £1,000, and a couple of brilliant 15 and 30 second videos that running out across pre-roll and social channels. We’ve also included a display network weather targeting element, ensuring that ENW are reaching people with a service message around times of heightened risk of power cuts.

We are confident this will be another successful campaign for ENW, whilst bringing some sparkle to the people of the North West!