The ways in which we indulge in one of our favourite pastimes is ever-changing and becoming more aligned to personally created TV schedules which fit into our increasingly busy lifestyles.

Viewing fragmentation is here to stay and younger audiences in particular are consuming content in many ways across multiple platforms, making them harder to reach in volume. For example, Broadcaster TV accounts for just 36% of the average 16-34’s video consumption and their usage of other platforms is more pronounced than the general population. 

On a brighter note for brands, broadcaster TV still accounts for 77% of their video ad viewing time.


So how are traditional broadcasters fighting back?  With the likes of YouTube and the ‘Big Screen’ streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+  competing for young people’s time, the “traditional” broadcasters are stepping up to the mark and giving them reason to engage.

Channel 4 has adopted a “digital first” approach, prioritising digital over linear and placing All4 at the heart of every commissioning decision.

ITVX, the UK’s first integrated advertising and subscription funded platform, will launch in the Autumn and positioned to look and feel more like a ‘Netflix with ads’ as opposed to the ITVHub platform we have now. Their FAST channels, (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) will help advertisers to target specific audiences, including those younger audiences who are harder to reach with longer-form video/TV ad content. These dynamic channels will offer advertisers chance to appear within a set of curated programmes that can be based around pretty much any theme, talent, genre or interest you can imagine – akin to a Spotify playlist for programmes.

It's always been the younger audiences leading change and whilst they’re consuming TV differently to the previous generations, innovation and careful planning enables advertisers to take this journey alongside them. We’ve been planning and buying TV since the days of just four terrestrial channels so we’re well-versed in crafting media strategies that embrace and capitalise on change and we’re excited to take on the challenge of what this means for our clients.