Our Approach

Our team of experts have considerable experience and skills honed through working across all media types and advertising categories for some of the UK’s largest advertisers.  We use these skills to research your brand, the market you operate in, your competition and target audience(s) so we can start to see you through the eyes of your customers. We then take this insight and work out where your audience are likely to be and when so we can develop hard-hitting campaigns that reach them in the right way, at the right time. We create compelling strategies that enable brands to achieve real stand-out in their market.

Once we’ve identified which media suppliers are right for your brief we then negotiate the best rates and value on your behalf.  One of our clients recently engaged an independent Media Auditor to benchmark our pricing against one of the UK’s largest media agency networks, and verified that Alchemy deliver better discounts and quality agreements – a result we’re naturally really proud of.  So whether your media budget is in the tens of thousands or runs into millions of pounds per annum, we’re confident that we can deliver rates and quality that are unbeatable.

Audience Insight