The independent media agency. Reinvented.

They were set up by senior people who’d run the UK’s big media agencies, and had managed the biggest brands in the UK. They knew that big is best only for those already big. For everyone else, being a small fish in a big pond is a lottery. So their proposition was simple - to offer all the experience, talent and resource found in the biggest media agencies to clients with smaller budgets.  A compelling, enduring idea. Or so you’d think.

They’re gone now, eaten up by the global networks in the relentless drive for size. The big agencies are bigger than ever and so are the compromises of being small in a big world.

Welcome to Alchemy Media. Independent since our MBO from PHD Media in 2006. Experience and talent forged over 25 years in the biggest and best media and advertising agencies in the UK, working for the biggest brands.

Properly resourced, award winning, with a strong and established client base. Of all sizes. With no compromises and only one agenda - yours.

Going back for the future.

Case study


With no ‘agency deals’ driving the agenda, our unbiased approach to media planning highlighted clear areas where Nisa could reach more customers with their media budget.

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